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Herzberg HG-8028-75: 75L Wheel Barrow Dump Cart

Herzberg HG-8028-75: 75L Wheel Barrow Dump Cart

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Herzberg HG-8028-75: 75L Wheel Barrow Dump Cart



Introducing the Herzberg HG-8028-75, a revolutionary solution for heavy-duty hauling. This 75L Wheel Barrow Dump Cart sets a new standard for efficiency in gardening and hauling tasks. Boasting a robust maximum capacity of 250 kgs and equipped with all-terrain pneumatic tires, it ensures ease of use and versatility. Crafted from a high-grade powdered coated steel frame and high-density poly plastic, this cart offers a durable and sturdy construction, making it ideal for everyday loading tasks in gardens or any hauling project.


The innovative four-wheel design provides a balanced and evenly distributed weight for stable loads. With a rectangular sturdy metal frame, installation is a breeze, offering improved maneuverability and the ability to handle tight turns effortlessly. The high-quality poly plastic is not only durable and easy to clean but also designed to withstand heavy dirt, gravel, mulch, or plants. The cart's generous ground clearance enables it to navigate ordinary obstacles with ease.


Featuring a soft and padded handle, this cart ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing strain during extended hauling sessions – catering to both lawn professionals and casual gardeners. Boasting excellent loading weight and storage capacity, it is constructed with heavy-duty, high-quality materials for enhanced durability. The easy-release unload mechanism, coupled with easy assembly, makes this cart a practical and user-friendly choice.


The Herzberg HG-8028-75 further impresses with its great turning radius, ample ground clearance, and rust-proof poly bed for added longevity. All-terrain 10-inch pneumatic tires guarantee a smooth and reliable performance, while the extra-long handle folds under effortlessly for convenient storage. Upgrade your hauling experience with the Herzberg HG-8028-75 Wheel Barrow Dump Cart – a perfect blend of durability, innovation, and unmatched performance for all your garden and hauling needs.




  • Great Loading Weight and Storage Capacity: The Herzberg HG-8028-75 boasts not only an impressive hauling capacity but also exceptional loading weight and storage capacity, making it a reliable workhorse for a variety of materials and tasks.
  • Heavy Duty and High-Quality Material: Crafted with heavy-duty materials, including a high-grade powdered coated steel frame and high-density poly plastic bed, this cart is built to withstand the rigors of heavy use, ensuring longevity and durability.
  • Extra-Long Handle Folds Under for Easy Storage: The extra-long handle not only facilitates comfortable hauling but also folds under effortlessly for compact storage. This feature makes it an excellent choice for users with limited storage space.
  • everyday loading tasks, making it a long-lasting solution for your hauling needs.
  • Four-Wheel Stability: The innovative four-wheel design is a key feature contributing to the cart's stability. It ensures balanced weight distribution, providing a stable foundation for secure and efficient hauling. This design feature is particularly advantageous when dealing with uneven terrain or heavier loads.
  • Easy Assembly: The rectangular sturdy metal frame not only enhances the cart's stability but also facilitates an easy assembly process. Users can set up the cart quickly, allowing for immediate utilization without the hassle of complex installation procedures.
  • Easy-Release Unload Mechanism: The cart's easy-release unload mechanism is a time-saving feature that simplifies the unloading process. This user-friendly design enhances overall efficiency during tasks, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.
  • Soft Padded Handle: The inclusion of a soft and padded handle is a thoughtful addition, prioritizing user comfort during extended use. This feature minimizes strain on the hands, ensuring a comfortable grip for both lawn professionals and casual gardeners alike.
  • Ample Ground Clearance: The cart's generous ground clearance is a practical feature that enables seamless navigation around obstacles. This adaptability to various terrains enhances its overall usability, making it well-suited for outdoor environments with ordinary obstacles.
  • Rust-Proof Poly Bed: The rust-resistant poly bed is a testament to the cart's durability. Designed to withstand heavy loads and exposure to various materials such as dirt, gravel, mulch, or plants, this poly bed ensures longevity and continued performance.
  • Compact Storage: The extra-long handle that folds under effortlessly is a space-saving solution for storage. This design feature enhances the cart's practicality by minimizing storage space requirements, making it a convenient choice for users with limited storage capacity.
  • All-Terrain Pneumatic Tires: The inclusion of all-terrain 10-inch pneumatic tires ensures that this cart is ready to conquer any surface. Whether navigating through gravel, grass, or uneven ground, the pneumatic tires deliver a smooth and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for versatile outdoor applications.




  • Brand name: Herzberg
  • Color: Green
  • Box Material: High-Grade Poly Plastic
  • Frame Material: High-Grade Powder Coated Steel
  • Normal Hauling Capacity: 75 L
  • Max Hauling Capacity: 250 kgs
  • Max Speed: 10km/hr
  • Overall Dimension: 109cm x 51cm x 94 cm
  • Bed Dimension: 92cm x 49cm x 21cm 
  • Product Weight: 14.50 kgs
  • Tires: 10-inch pneumatic tires

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